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Entry to Practice Competencies training is a mandatory requirement for membership with GOCC / GOCO, and assures the public that their practitioner has met the standard of education for the practice of Manual Osteopathy and to provide a professional level of Osteopathy Health Care. Entry to Practice Competencies training is provided in a series of workshops that are designed to challenge prior training and to advance the level of education of our members.

Osteopathy Workshops© are facilitated by Earth Medicine Centre Institutes


  1. Review of Osteopathy - definition, history, Philosophy & Methodology

  2. Review of Structural Examination and human Bio-mechanics

  3. Demonstration of Palpation techniques, Osteopathy Tests and Assessments

  4. Review  of Osteopathy Manual Therapy, Treatment Approach & Normalization

  5. Course and Examination on Ethics, Scope of Practice, Public Health & Safety

  6. Synopsis: Health Conditions normalized by Osteopathy Manual Therapy


Continuing Education Workshops are intended to enhance Osteopathy Manual Practice. Osteopathy can contribute to improved health and ensure optimal development and well-being among patients with chronic pain syndrome caused by joint disorders. Training in Functional Neurology earns continuing education credits for Osteopath Manual Practitioners in the field. The art and science of Manual Osteopathy involves work on neuromusculoskeletal conditions and injuries, therefore CEU education for practitioners through attendance to RTP® Program is mandatory. In addition, to maintain certification, practitioners must pass both a written and practical examination.


RTP® Program is a developed and patented neurological-based manual assessment and treatment system that is similar to the Muscle Energy Technique practiced by Osteopaths.


A registered Manual Osteopath works with any of the following:

  1. Evaluation - Direct Examination & Treatment

  2. Differential Diagnosis - Obtained in writing

  3. Direct Referral from a Doctor, Naturopath, Dentist, Chiropractor, or Podiatrist


In order to be eligible for membership with the association, the applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Meet the GOCO Standards of Education and Scope

  • Successfully complete an interview and testing procedure which includes assessment of the theoretical knowledge, correct application, and ethics of Osteopathy

  • Proof of valid Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions Insurance)

  • Police clearance


Please submit the following documents when applying for membership:

  • Completed registration form

  • Copies of all applicable diplomas / certificates / transcripts

  • One passport-sized photo

  • Two letters of reference from an Osteopath or other Regulated Health Professional

  • Please contact us if you require further information

DO have full scope of practice in Canada, while DOMP/DO-MTP have a limited scope of practice - to practice Osteopathy Manual Treatment.


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