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Osteopathic Manual Practice, by decompressing and releasing body structures will treat injury, pain, illness, and other chronic disorders. A Manual Osteopath palpates the body to assess the flow of fluids, tissue dysfunction, bone compression, joint mobility, and related affected tissue. Treatment mobilizes the affected area to release the injury pattern.


Osteopaths work by decompressing structure and tissue restrictions, thereby enhancing the body's ability to heal and restore total function.


Developed by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Osteopathy is the study of structure (Osteo) and suffering (pathy) and how they relate to each other. Manual Osteopaths assist with a host of common medical problems that appeared resistant to antibiotics and/or pain relievers:


Musculoskeletal Disorders / Trauma From Car Accidents Or Falls

Sub-Acute Or Chronic Conditions / Gastro-esophageal Reflux

Low Back Pain / Sciatic Pain / Scoliosis / foot disorders

Anxiety-Behavior Disorders

Ear Infections / Vertigo-Dizziness

Tennis Elbow / Frozen Shoulder / Knee Pain / Carpal Tunnel

Sinusitis-Cold / Asthma / Breathing Issues

TMJ Dysfunction / Headaches-Migraines

Fibromyalgia / Chronic fatigue

Bowel dysfunction and Digestion

Unexplained ailments / aches


Anyone is a candidate for Osteopathy!!! Pregnant women, newborn babies, children, adults, and seniors can all benefit from an Osteopathic treatment. Olympic athletes use Osteopathy for injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Myer Babaeff - Maple - 705-822-8850
Hagigat Babayeva - Vaughan - 647-761-4681

Marilena Carano - Aurora - 905-503-9191
Kwong Wing Chiu - Toronto - 416-723-8968
Sandra Cramer - Burlington - 905-331-9658

Wei Mei Dai - Kingston - 613-850-6032

Hussain Eid - Toronto - 416-691-3888
Xue Sun Gill - Brockville - 343-264-8992

Andrea Goldberger - Toronto - 416-587-3341
Niousha Golhassani - Toronto - 416-900-7512
Michael Goussyno - Barrie - 705-500-5016
Anjael Hebron - Mildmay - 519-367-5330
Simon Iron - Toronto - 647-837-3131
Wojciech Jelinowski - Penetanguishene - 416-315-7713
Paul Joseph - Scarborough - 416-438-3939
June Ann Kelly - Toronto/New Brunswick - 416-953-7633
Angelika Koeth - Milton - 905-878-5165

Linley Leuthard - Toronto - 416-481-1936
Christine Pik Kwan Lum - Ottawa - 613-295-2335
Rashida Naraharasetti - Richmond Hill - 647-228-1405
Allan Austin Oolo - Toronto - 416-481-1936
Medderick Pollock - International - 647-328-1455
Rivkah Roth - Nova Scotia - 902-691-3363

Luciana Stan - Toronto - 647-924-2410
Yegor Tyunin - Toronto - 905-780-0305
Boris Zaborskiy - Toronto - 416-665-7474

Some Osteopaths use Orthotics, which is intended to mechanically compensate for a pathological condition. Orthoses are an orthopedic device that supports or corrects the function of a limb. It is used to control, guide, limit and/or immobilize an extremity or joint for a particular reason:

  • To restrict movement in a given direction

  • To assist movement generally

  • To reduce weight bearing forces for a particular purpose

  • To aid rehabilitation from fractures after the removal of a cast

  • To otherwise correct the function of the limb, to provide easier movement capability or reduce pain.

Patients that have suffered a physical impairment such as a stroke, have abnormalities of foot bio-mechanics, diabetes or sports injuries; as well as those who walk and stand for many hours per day at work can benefit from custom made Orthotics.