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Before a member is registered they must submit proof of educational status as having graduated from a recognized school of Manual Osteopathy and have obtained the DOMP / DO-MTP / DOMM / DOMT with training of at least:

  • 3600 Curriculum Hours including a mandatory 1000 hours Clinical Internship

Pre-requisites to include:

  • University-level Anatomy / Physiology / Pathology, Biochemistry;

  • Valid First-Aid and CPR diplomas.

Assessment of training and practical examination must be completed by applicant before acceptance by GOCC and GOCO, as well as attendance to our Entry to Practice Competencies Osteopathy Workshops©.

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Continuing education units are required for annual renewal of membership which is in the form of 60 CEU's in related courses.

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A system of medicine based on the theory that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system affect other bodily parts, causing many disorders that can be corrected by various manual techniques without the use of conventional medical, surgical, pharmacological, and other therapeutic procedures.


Having accomplished the general and specific objectives of training, the graduate, upon completion of the educational program, will be competent to function as a Manual Osteopath.


During the course of the training the student must acquire a satisfactory knowledge of the principles common to all Osteopathy Manual Practice. These principles include anatomy, neuro-anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry, pathology, micro-biology, community medicine, parasitology, post-surgical treatment care and complications, Manipulative treatment in a clinical setting to include obstetrics, gynecology and pediatric care.


In addition, the graduate must have clinical competence and detailed knowledge of the scientific rationale for the treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system and must be at least familiar, and preferably have had exposure to spinal treatment techniques and approaches. It is highly desirable that the graduate has experience in, and knowledge of, basic orthotics and the medical aspects of rheumatic disease.

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